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Guozhong Cao

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Graduate Program Coordinator

Boeing-Steiner Professor
Materials Science & Engineering

Boeing-Steiner Professor
Chemical Engineering

Adjunct Professor
Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Guozhong Cao is the Boeing-Steiner Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Adjunct Professor of Chemical and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington. He received his Ph.D. from Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands). Dr. Cao has published over 200 refereed papers, and authored and edited 4 books and 3 conference proceedings on nanotechnology. Dr. Cao serves as editor of Annual Review of Nano Research and associate editor of Journal of Nanophotonics. His current research is focused mainly on nanomaterials for energy related applications, such as solar cells, lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, and hydrogen storage. Other research includes scintillation oxides, nanobiosensors, PZT-based microelectromechanical (MEMS) devices.


  • Ph.D., Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
  • M.S., Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Shanghai, China
  • B.S., East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China

Research Statement

Current research is focused mainly on chemical processing, characterization, and applications of nanostructured materials and coatings and devices for energy conversion and storage as well as sensors and actuators. In general, our research can be grouped into the following directions:

  • Engineering nano and microstructures for excitonic solar cells: dye- and quantum dot-sensitized solar cells, inverted polymer solar cells and perovskite solar cells
  • Design and controlled synthesis of nanostructured electrodes for rechargeable batteries: alkaline-ion batteries, metal-oxygen betteries, and flow batteries
  • Electrodes for electric double layer capacitors and pseudocapacitors
  • Dielectrics, ferroelectrics, and piezoelectrics and devices
  • Template-based growth of nanorod, nanotube, and nanocable arrays
  • Dielectrics, ferroelectrics, and piezoelectrics and devices
  • Organic-inorganic hybrids and coatings for sensing, filtration, corrosion protection, and surface modification

Select publications

  1. Guozhong Cao and Ying Wang, "Nanostructures and Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications," 2nd edition, 596 pp, World Scientific Publisher Co., Singapore, January 2011. Chinese Edition: 438 pp, Higher Education Press, Beijing, China, January 2012. Russian Edition: 515 pp. Nauchy Mir Publishing House, Russia, December 2012.
  2. Glen E. Fryxell and Guozhong Cao, editors, "Environmental Applications of Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Sorbents and Sensors," 2nd edition, 735 pp, Imperial College Press, London, UK, 2012.
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Honors & awards

  • Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher in Materials Science - 2014,2015
  • Chaire Saint-Gobain Lectureship (invited professor), Ecole Polytechnique–CNRS, Paris, 2010
  • Northwest Region Clean Tech Open Award, 2009
  • University Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Washington, 2000
  • College Outstanding Educator Award, College of Engineering, UW, 1999
  • European Union Research Fellowship, Netherlands, 1993
  • University of Washington Presidential Entrepreneurial Faculty Fellow, UW, 2012