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The Campaign for Materials Science & Engineering

Now more than ever, a dynamic education requires the involvement and investment of many. It no longer happens with just tuition dollars. Private support is essential to our success. Endowed scholarships, fellowships, professorships and chairs, along with flexible unrestricted gifts can translate into real opportunities for our Materials Science and Engineering students and faculty.

The department has had a colorful history staring out as the school of Mines, transitioning into Ceramics and Metallurgy, and later combining into Materials Science and Engineering. Our continued success depends on your partnership.

Our top priorities

Help Support Graduate Students and Honor Dr. Thomas Stoebe »

Thomas Stoebe Our most important need is for graduate student support. This fund seeks to support graduate students in honor of beloved professor, Dr. Tom Stoebe.

Dr. Tom Stoebe has been a close friend to the department for many decades. Over his 40+ teaching career at the UW, more than 500 students, including 50 MS and PhD students, were lucky to be advised by Dr. Stoebe. Today, even in his retirement, Dr. Stoebe continues to care deeply about the department.

The Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Stoebe Endowed Fellowship fund recognizes the legacy of Dr. Tom Stoebe while providing valuable resources. Graduate students are critical to the successes of teaching and research efforts in the department. By mentoring undergraduates and collaborating with faculty on research, graduate students provide an exceptional student experience and produce cutting-edge innovation that cements our growing reputation as a national leader in the field.

Strategic recruitment of outstanding graduate students impacts our national ranking. Top students have their choice of excellent engineering schools across the country. Our ability to provide financial incentives and the prestige of a named fellowship often makes the difference for students considering an offer from UW and from elsewhere.

Your gift will help us honor our beloved professor while advancing the success of the department.

The James I. Mueller Scholarship Fund »

A departmental priority is to support our undergraduate students.  Established in memory of Professor James Mueller, this scholarship provides critical support to students focused on Ceramic Engineering.

Materials Science & Engineering Discretionary Fund »
This fund is a critical resource for the Chair, allowing the department flexibility to respond to emerging needs and opportunities. Your investment will promote activities related to student support and faculty recruitment, initiatives which extend the breadth of Materials Science & Engineering’s research and education into the broader community such as professional conferences, lectures, and special events.
Materials Science Fund »

This fund is another important resource for the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, allowing us to provide discretionary support activities for students, faculty and the department for activities not covered by state funding.

Tailor your own giving program

We can work with you to tailor a giving program. Contact us to find out how you can make a difference for the Materials Science & Engineering department.