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The Materials Science & Engineering administrative office is located in Roberts Hall 302.

Front desk

The front desk staff handle incoming mail, receive packages, provide copying services, distribute video projectors, and provide general office services. We are happy to answer questions about advising, paychecks, rules and regulations, mail, and supplies.

Office hours: 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. (noon) and 1:00-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

Administrative staff

Bichtien Thach Bichtien Thach,
Assistant to the Chair
302E Roberts Hall
(206) 543-2615
Chair's calendar, department seminars, academic personnel, building keys, newsletter, photos.

Yen Cone Hong-Yen Cone,
MSE Administrator
302D Roberts Hall
(206) 543-2616
Manages personnel, insurance, budgets, grants and scholarship administration and is the building coordinator.

Dawn CountsDawn Counts,
Fiscal/Administrative Coordinator
302 Roberts Hall
(206) 543-2079
Coordinates purchase orders and packages, travel, budgets, paychecks, and petty cash; provides front desk support.

Donald Obcena Donald Obcena,
Financial Analyst
 302 Roberts Hall
(206) 685-8032
Manages state and grant budgets, travel expenses, and supply reimbursements.

Omar CruzOmar Cruz,
Grants Manager
302 Roberts Hall
(206) 543-1935
Manages state and grant budgets and reimbursements for travel expenses and supplies.

Advising staff

Sandra Maddox Sandra Maddox,
Undergraduate Academic Adviser
302A Roberts Hall
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Undergraduate students' contact for admission, recruiting, student progress, schedule and curriculum advising, graduation, registration, and university services. Curriculum and policy development; course scheduling, scholarships and awards; MSE social media, community college outreach, alumni outreach, and events. Primary contact for MatCamp.

photo, Karen Wetterhahn Karen Wetterhahn,
Graduate Program Adviser
302B Roberts Hall
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Graduate students' primary contact for admission, recruiting, student progress, schedule and curriculum advising, graduation, registration, and university services; MSE social media; course evaluations lead; alumni outreach.

Administrative faculty

photo, Lilo PozzoLilo Pozzo,
Interim Department Chair
Boeing-Roundhill Professor for Excellence in Engineering
302F Roberts Hall
(206) 685-8536

Guozhong CaoGuozhong Cao,
Graduate Program Coordinator, Boeing-Steiner Professor
302M Roberts Hall
(206) 543-2303
Oversees the admission, advising and counseling of grad students and the appointment of each student's advisory committee

Lucien BrushLucien Brush,
Associate Chair, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Associate Professor
331 Roberts
(206) 543-7161

Dwayne ArolaDwayne Arola,
Director, Applied Masters Program (AMP), Associate Professor
333 Roberts Hall
(206) 685-8158

Technical staff

Tatyana Galenko Tatyana Galenko,
MSE Lab Manager
156 Mueller
Manages all department lab operations (except EMC). Provides training for lab instrumentation as well as management and maintenance. Junior lab instructor. Provides some support and consultation for research labs. Lab safety officer.

Laszlo Szeleczki Laszlo Szeleczki,
Senior Computer Specialist
115 Roberts Hall
phone: 206-543-3109
fax: 206-221-4934
Manages IP addresses, internet connections, departmental computers, laptop connections, and provides support with computers and operating systems.

Sean KrewsonSean Krewson,
MSE Lab Technician
Assists Lab Manager in all lab operations and supports lab safety. Manages MSE machine shop & composite lab. Serves as the contact for Physical Inventory.

UW W logo MSE Web updates,
Manages web content development and maintenance, trains staff and faculty to edit website and update Trumba calendar.
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Anne Fitzmaurice Adams Anne Fitzmaurice Adams,
Senior Director, Individual Giving
(206) 685-3041
Manages gifts to the department.