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Course Schedule

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Please note this information is subject to change.

Current and upcoming courses for students enrolled in a Materials Science & Engineering degree program. Please check with your advisor for course sequencing when planning your course of study. For more details, view our course descriptions.


Planned MSE Undergraduate Course Schedule
2023 - 2024 Academic Year

CORE 170 X X X
298     X
310   X  
311 X    
312   X  
313     X
321 X    
322   X  
331 X    
333     X
342   X  
351   X  
352     X
362     X
399 X    
431   X  
442 X    
491   X  
492     X
ELECTIVE 398   X  
450e   X  
452ace   X  
462afg     X
463f     X
466c X X  
471acdefg   X  
475afg X    
476ce X    
477b X    
478b   X  
479b     X
482d     X
486ace     X
489g     X
490g     X
498* X X X


Planned MSE Graduate Course Schedule
2023 - 2024 Academic Year

CORE 503 X    
510 X    
520 X X X
525     X
541   X  
570 X    
571   X  
ELECTIVE 450   X  
452   X  
462     X
463     X
475 X    
484 X    
486     X
502 X    
539c   X  
542 X    
543   X  
544     X
550   X  
561 X    
563   X  
565e   X  
566 X X  
576 X    
582     X
589     X
590     X
599* X X X


*Special topics courses for the 23-24 academic year are as follows:
- Autumn: (1) Imaging at the Atomic Scale; (2) Introduction to Batt. Materials and Batt. Chemistry
- Winter: (1) Nanocomposite Materials; (2) Composite Structural Engineering
- Spring: (1) Electrochemical Materials

a Counts toward the Nanoscience & Molecular Engineering (NME) option
b Recommended for the Materials Computation and Data Science concentration
c Recommended for the Energy and Enivronmental Materials concentration
d Recommended for the Materials in Medicine and Biomimetics concentration
e Recommended for the Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials concentration
f Recommended for the Structural Materials concentration
g Recommended for the Materials and Manufacturing concentration