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MSE Computer Labs

All registered MSE students have access to the MSE computing resources.

  • Graduate student lab: Roberts Hall 131
  • Undergrad lab: Mueller 178

Lab access and rules

UW student computers are for the use of registered students only. No relatives, friends or outsiders are allowed to use UW computing resources. Temporary WiFi access can be granted through a Visitor Permit, which has to be initiated by the hosting individual. See UW-IT's Wi-Fi access for visitors web page for information.

Each computer lab has a code entry system. See the MSE Computer specialist for more information.

Log in to the student computers with your UW NetID (UW email prefix) and password. Only MSE students have access to these computers.

  1. Type “netid\UWID” in the Name field.
  2. Type your UW NetID password in the Password field.

On the Apple computers, use the Guest account.

Remote access to software

Each lab has a list of available software on the wall. To access these programs, you must Remote Desktop to the COE Remote Desktop Server. Instructions for the Remote Desktop connections are posted inside the lab.

You cannot install any software. Contact the MSE Computer Specialist to request new software.

Scheduling lab time

Use the online Resource Scheduler to schedule departmental equipment.

Personal laptops and computers

The MSE Computer Specialist can assist you with your own computer or laptop, operating system, and installation of legally licensed software. All computers should have the following:

  • UW-approved virus checker
  • System updated with patches and fixes from the vendor
  • Limited number of Admin accounts
  • Strong passwords on all accounts

Keep your computer and data safe:

  • Don’t give your password to anyone.
  • Lock your door if you step out.
  • Use a password protected screensaver.

If your computer gets compromised, infected, or operates slowly and strangely:

  • Update your virus checker and run a full scan in SAFE mode:
    • On a Windows computer, use the F8 key boot option.
    • On a Mac, hold the Shift key while booting.
  • Disconnect the computer from the network, disable network shares
  • Disconnect any devices
  • Take note what was installed recently or what was changed in the configuration

If the network port in your room doesn’t work, it could have been blocked by UW-IT to contain a virus. To unblock it, you have to clean the infected or compromised computer and go to UW-IT Blocked Network Service with the same computer and follow the instructions for Getting Unblocked.

Computer use is regulated by state and federal laws. See the UW Appropriate Use website for information on ethics in computer and network use.