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Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Stoebe Endowed Fellowship

In 2010, Professor Emeritus, Dr. Tom Stoebe and his wife Janet, established the Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Stoebe Endowed Fellowship. Their goal and the purpose of this generous fellowship are to help the department recruit and retain top students and provide those students with meaningful financial support.

Professor Emeritus, Dr. Tom Stoebe and Stoebe Fellow, Matthew Lim
Professor Emeritus, Dr. Tom Stoebe and past Stoebe Fellow, Matthew Lim, a Ph.D. candidate whose research involves synthesis and characterization of graphene aerogels and their electrochemical properties for application as electrodes for supercapacitors.

Dr. Stoebe has been a true champion for students, investing generously in the fellowship himself and setting out to raise a total of $200,000 for the fund. Endowed funds like this provide support for students in perpetuity. Each year, graduate students will benefit from this generous fellowship.

Since 2010, the fellowship has received investments totaling over $180,000. Contributions have been made by the Stoebe family, emeritus faculty, alumni and other friends of the department. Several Stoebe Fellowship recipients have already been awarded funding and reaped tremendous benefit for their graduate schooling.

Siddharth Rath, Stoebe Fellowship recipient
Siddharth Rath is the 2016-2017 recipient of the Stoebe Fellowship. A first year Ph.D. student, he recently relocated from Michigan to Seattle to begin his studies. Siddharth has used the fellowship funds to buy textbooks, lab supplies and a laptop. It offered him financial security during a period of transition, allowing him to focus on his studies and start the academic year with gusto.
Jon Thibado, current donor to the Stoebe Fellowship
Jon Thibado (MSE BS '91, MS '93), is a current donor to the Stoebe Fellowship. When asked about why he gives, Jon shared that he "has never met a finer academic leader who cares more about providing students access to education. He has always fought for those who face adversity."

Almost there!

With less than $20,000 to raise, we ask our alumni community to consider making a gift to the Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Stoebe Endowed Fellowship Fund during this season of giving. Your donation will honor our beloved professor while paving the way for future students to find success in the department and beyond.

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