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MSE 398: MSE Leadership Seminar

MSE 398: MSE Leadership Seminar

Winter Quarter 2020

Currently in Time Schedule as MSE 498E, SLN 21856.  Will be numbered MSE 398 by start of Winter quarter. Just register for the course as it is now, and your registration will be moved when we receive the course number.

When: Fridays 12:30-1:20 p.m.: class; 1:30-2:00 p.m.: optional networking with that day’s speaker(s) at a reception in the Roberts second floor lobby (snacks provided)

Grading: 1 credit, CR/NC grading

Course Instructors: Jihui Yang and Sandra Maddox

Course Description

Weekly seminar with program alumni or academic and government leaders presenting their workforce experience and insights with students. Includes varied topics related to leadership in the Materials Science and Engineering profession, such as career planning, management skills, interpersonal skills, entrepreneurship, ethics, and strategic decisions.

Course Content and Purpose

The purpose of this course in Winter 2020 is to introduce current and prospective undergraduate MSE students to the varied workforce experiences of MSE alumni. Additionally, we will be teaching you how to maximize the networking experience through instruction on how to ask the best possible questions of the visiting alumni in the classroom, and how to interact with them in a networking environment at the post-class reception. Having you developing/refine these interpersonal skills will serve you well regardless of the professional pathway you choose.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, students will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Identify and explain the purpose of professional networking and the interpersonal skills necessary to be able to do it well
  2. Evaluate and interpret the content of each class in terms of what they have learned about the MSE discipline, achieving professional success, and the different options available to them in their future careers.
  3. Demonstrate a fully developed professional oral introduction pitch to another person.

Speaker Schedule

The first class of the quarter will be a class introduction session and an introduction to networking.  The remaining class sections will feature MSE alumni speakers.  Optional readings for the day will be available on Canvas. Please note that this speaker schedule is tentative at present for both speaker and date of presentation.




Sandra Maddox, MSE Undergraduate Advisor, on Course Introduction and Networking 101


Dylan Faherty, Materials and Process Engineer, Aerojet Rocketdyne


Bo Zhao, Engineer – Photolithography R&D – Non-volatile Memory, Micron Technology


Tia Benson Tolle, Director, Materials and Fabrication, The Boeing Company


Young Alumni Panel (2019, 2018, or 2017 MSE undergraduate program grads)


Jeff Day, Founder and CEO, CalRamic Technologies


Linda Cadwell Stancin, Director, Emerging Technologies, Collaboration, and Innovation, Lockheed Martin


Hira Fotedar, Retired Vice President, Corporate Quality and Operational Excellence, Eaton Corporation


Clare Nordquist, Founder, President Meridian Capital LLC


Jim Holmes, Owner, The Anacora Estate