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Faculty Resources

Coronavirus resources for teaching

Campus coronavirus resources (other than teaching)

Curriculum development and scheduling

Current Materials Science and Engineering Course Descriptions

How to Publish Your Course Description in MyPlan
For guidance on how to publicize your course directly to prospective students via MyPlan.

The law

As faculty, you have certain legal obligations to protect student privacy under federal law; to avoid legal trouble, please review your legal obligations.

FERPA in an Nutshell: From the UW Seattle Registrar

Faculty and Staff Guide to FERPA: great one page tip sheet from UW Tacoma.

Grading policies

Faculty Resources on Grading (FROG) site

UW Grade Reporting
Includes UW policies on awarding Incompletes and not issuing grades at the end of the quarter (AKA awarding an "X" for a grade)

Assigning the Appropriate Credit (Office of the Registrar)
For guidance on how much work is expected for independent study/research credit, as well as guidance for new course development

Departmental forms

Key request form for faculty/staff

Food & beverage authorization

For procurement and reimbursement, including travel reimbursement, view our dedicated Ordering and Purchasing page.

Leaves etc.

Faculty absence notification


Faculty collegial peer evaluation

TA evaluation (MSE form)

TA evaluation: end-of-quarter report (Graduate School form)

Sponsored research proposal

New form forthcoming.