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Current Students

Master's Program Graduation Requirements

Generally, students complete a non-thesis master’s degree. Completing a thesis can be an option with approval early on with your adviser. The following information is a summary of requirements that need to be met upon graduation. See complete Graduate School dates and deadlines outlined per quarter.

Thesis degree additional requirements

International students: In addition, refer to the Graduation: Final Year Checklist from International Student Services for additional requirements.

# What When
1 Submit your master’s degree request using MyGradProgram. During the quarter you plan to graduate (deadline is the Friday prior to the final week of the quarter).
2 Consult with your faculty adviser to select at least one other MSE faculty member, scientist or postdoc for your final project committee. The sooner the better.
3 Secure a date and time that works for the committee for your final presentation either via conference room or via zoom depending on committee’s preference. Plan for 30 minutes for your presentation and an additional 15 minutes for Q&A. Any time between the first and last day of the quarter. Do not delay in scheduling this exam. Faculty schedules fill up quickly, especially toward the end of the quarter.
4 Consult with your faculty advisor about inviting additional attendees to attend your presentation. Then send them the send the meeting room location or Zoom link information. The sooner the better.
5 Complete final project paper, following the AMP Final Paper template. This paper will be the basis for the presentation.

Note: The MS thesis master's paper written to fulfill a thesis option will be much longer and follow a different format. See additional steps below.

Must be emailed to the committee at least 1 week prior to the presentation.
6 Notify the Graduate Program Manager of your exam date. She will follow up with your committee after your exam to ensure their degree approval.  At least 1 week prior to your presentation. 
In addition to the above requirements, students completing a thesis master’s degree must ALSO:
7 Complete minimum of 9 MSE 700 credits. Upon graduation
8 Consult with faculty adviser regarding your thesis expectations. Set up your thesis committee. The sooner the better.
9 Review Final Submission of Your Thesis for formatting and submission instructions. The sooner the better.
10 Submit thesis and the Thesis Approval Form electronically. Last day of the quarter.