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Current Students

Master's Program Advising

Your advisers

As an MSE master's student, you have two advisers to help you enroll in the best courses suited for your academic and research pursuits.

MSE graduate program adviser

The graduate program adviser (GPA) is an academic adviser who helps you navigate degree requirements, course registration, submission of forms and petitions, internship opportunities, and career planning. All students are encouraged to talk to their academic adviser frequently, but there are certain times you are required to meet with the MSE graduate program adviser:

  • After you have your faculty adviser established, or need further assistance in finding one.
  • When you are ready to take your doctoral exams.
  • To ensure you have met graduation requirements in advance of the quarter you intend to graduate.
  • If you are on academic warning or probation.

MSE faculty adviser

Your faculty adviser monitors your progress toward the degree, supervises your research, and helps you tailor the curriculum for your career goals. You are encouraged to meet with your faculty adviser to:

  • Discuss your research goals.
  • Choose electives and pursue co-op and internship options based on these discussions

It's your responsibility to find a faculty adviser, preferably before the end of the first quarter, and to inform the Graduate Program Adviser of this arrangement. Your adviser must be a regular, research, or adjunct faculty member of the MSE Department.

Once you have selected a faculty adviser, you and your adviser must fill out an AMP Project Agreement Form and submit it to the Graduate Program Adviser.

Your program of courses must be discussed with and approved by the faculty adviser.

To find a faculty adviser, you should meet with each faculty member in the department (or related engineering department) to discuss research interests.


MyGrad is where you will file your master’s request, Ph.D. and final exam requests, request leave time, submit a petition and complete additional administrative actions.


MyPlan is where you plan your academic program and monitor your academic progress. Log in to MyPlan through MyUW, or directly.