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Current Students

Expected Timeline and Publications

MSE PhD timeline and publication towards degree:

  • Each student is expected to publish a minimum of 2 first author, peer reviewed research papers based on his/her own research findings by the completion of the PhD Program.
    • Patents or utility patent applications (not provisional patent applications) or other substantial scholarly products may be in lieu of publications.
    • First co-author paper may be counted as first author paper, determined by the student’s faculty advisor.
    • Students in some groups may be expected to publish far more than 2 first author research papers. Faculty advisor should discuss his/her group’s expectation of publication requirements when new students join the group.
  • Each student should follow the timelines outlined below and complete and graduate from PhD program in 4-5 years:
    • Year 1: Take graduate core & elective courses & begin research
    • Year 2: Pass qualifying exam written, oral & approval of QE Portfolio
    • Year 3-4: Pass general exam with one first author, peer reviewed research paper published or accepted for publication.
    • Year 4-5: Complete dissertation & final exam with second first author, peer reviewed research paper published or accepted for publication or submitted.

Each student is encouraged to complete exams in a timely manner

  • Student is expected to follow the time guidelines:
    • Student may go on academic probation if falling behind the timeline and without a clear action plan in place.  
    • Student who is not on track will receive warning letters about probation.
    • Student may be ineligible for TA appointments while on probation.
  • The expectations for faculty advisor:
    • The faculty advisor should keep PhD students from taking on excessive work that is deviating from their educational objectives, for example, spending too much time in teaching or writing proposals for instructors or advisors.
    • The faculty advisor should ensure PhD students follow the guidelines to attain and maintain high academic standing, publish high quality scholarly publications based on their research findings, and make timely progress towards the completion of their study and graduation.
    • The students’ timely and scholarly progress towards graduation has been included in faculty’s annual merit reviews. (started in the Spring 2020)