Ph.D. Graduation Requirements

It is important to communicate early and often with your faculty adviser regarding your anticipated time in the program and their expectations for meeting graduation requirements.

This is a summary of the final steps required to graduate with a Ph.D. in MSE. See complete Graduate School dates and deadlines outlined per quarter.

International students: In addition, refer to the Graduation: Final Year Checklist from International Student Services for additional requirements.

# What When
1 Confirm Reading Committee with the Graduate Program Adviser (GPA), who will update your student record. The sooner, the better.
2 Secure a date and time that works for the committee for the final exam and schedule a Zoom session

 At least two weeks prior to your final exam.

3 Schedule final exam via MyGrad. A minimum of 24 hours after Reading Committee confirmation.
4 Consult with your faculty advisor about inviting additional attendees to attend your presentation. Send them the Zoom link information to these attendees The sooner, the better.
5 Review the details for preparing your dissertation including formatting and submission requirements.  
6 Send electronic copies of your dissertation and final defense slides to the Supervisory Committee. (Although the Reading Committee is responsible for supporting you with the dissertation, it is a courtesy to send this information to the full committee.) At least two weeks prior to your final defense.
7 Complete a Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED), save the Certificate of Completion at the end of the survey, and email it to The sooner the better.
8 Plan for your final exam which should last approximately 60 minutes and an additional 30 minutes for Q&A. At least two weeks before your presentation.
9 Submit your dissertation following the UW Graduate School's Final Submission of Your Thesis formatting and submission instructions. Last day of the quarter.

Note: Following your exam, your committee will be emailed a Reading Committee approval form to complete. The Graduate Program Advisor will follow up with them to confirm that you met all graduation requirements.