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Current Students

Ph.D. Graduation Requirements

It is important to communicate early and often with your faculty adviser regarding your anticipated time in the program and their expectations for meeting graduation requirements.

This is a summary of the final steps required to graduate with a Ph.D. in MSE. See complete Graduate School dates and deadlines outlined per quarter.

International students: In addition, refer to the Graduation: Final Year Checklist from International Student Services for additional requirements.

# What When
1 Confirm Reading Committee with the Graduate Program Adviser (GPA), who will update your student record. The sooner, the better.
2 Secure a date and time that works for the committee for the final exam and schedule a meeting either via conference room or via zoom depending on committee’s preference.

 At least two weeks prior to your final exam.

3 Schedule final exam via MyGrad. A minimum of 24 hours after Reading Committee confirmation.
4 Consult with your faculty advisor about inviting additional attendees to attend your presentation. Send them the meeting room location or Zoom link information. The sooner, the better.
5 Review the details for preparing your dissertation including formatting and submission requirements.  
6 Send electronic copies of your dissertation and final defense slides to the Supervisory Committee. (Although the Reading Committee is responsible for supporting you with the dissertation, it is a courtesy to send this information to the full committee.) At least two weeks prior to your final defense.
7 Complete a Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED), save the Certificate of Completion at the end of the survey, and email it to The sooner the better.
8 Plan for your final exam which should last approximately 60 minutes and an additional 30 minutes for Q&A. At least two weeks before your presentation.
9 Submit your dissertation following the UW Graduate School's Final Submission of Your Thesis formatting and submission instructions. Last day of the quarter.
10 If you complete your final exam, but need more time to submit your dissertation, you may submit a Graduate Registration Waiver. The waiver allows you to submit your dissertation up to two weeks following the last day of the quarter. There is a $250 fee and you will graduate the following quarter, but you do not need to enroll in the following quarter.  

Note: Following your exam, your committee will need to approve your dissertation via MyGrad Committee View.