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Current Students

Users must create a UW MSE CORAL account before reserving space. If you have a CORAL account with another department, you must still register for MSE CORAL in order to access MSE spaces.

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FAQs for Faculty & PIs

Account creation & approvals

Users from your lab will ask you for a budget number to use for their MSE lab and/or shop fees. You will then need to sign up for a CORAL account as a PI in order to give your students one-time approval to charge fees to your budget.
  1. Sign up for an MSE Shops CORAL account. On the User Role page, select "non-user" (you can change your user role later if necessary). Check the "PI" box at the bottom of the page.
  2. Your students will e-mail you an individualized approval link that you must visit and agree to as their sponsor. This step is to ensure that PIs are aware of lab and shop fees that may be charged to their budgets.
The MSE department subsidizes all shop fees for students working on MSE coursework. If you teach an MSE class that expects students to do work in the MSE department labs or shops, please contact Carter Beamish at for instructions on setting up accounts for the students in your class.
  1. Instruct your students to change the budget number in their account with these steps:
    1. Log in to CORAL.
    2. Go to the "My Profile" tab.
    3. Press the "Budget Numbers" button (upper left) and enter the new budget number.
  2. If your budget has already expired, or you would like to prevent any future charges to your budget, contact and ask to have the account associated with your budget number deactivated.


Visit the rates page.

According to the UW rules for revenue centers, all internal UW users must be charged the same rates. The MSE department is covering the fees for students doing coursework & MSE-sponsored teamwork, and is working with other academic departments and the COE to get support for non-MSE undergrad student shop fees. Researchers from all departments, including MSE, are charged the same rates. Industry users and non-UW academic users have higher rates. Students who are paying regular tuition will be trained and given access to all STF equipment free of charge. STF equipment use policies is governed by the Student Tech Fee Committee.

Lab and shop fees are based on the actual cost of operating each MSE instrument and shop. Fees help pay for:

  • Technical staff salariesf
  • Consumables such as drill bits and thermocouples
  • Equipment maintenance

The MSE department will sometimes subsidize fees for MSE faculty to obtain preliminary data for proposal submission, or for MSE grad students to do unfunded research. To discuss this possibility, please email Prof. Jihui Yang at This department subsidy is only available to members of the MSE Department.

The MSE department subsidizes fees for MSE undergraduate coursework, including MSE 310, MSE 311, MSE 312, MSE 313, MSE 491, MSE 492 and MSE 499. Undergraduates who are not receiving academic credit for research are subject to lab and shop fees under the same policies as graduate students and PIs should provide them with a budget number for their work.

Lab and shop fees are generally allowed for federal grants & contracts as long as they benefit the project and fit the stated scope of work. When preparing budgets for proposals, list shop fees under object code 03 Campus Services.

You will be charged for staff time if the shop staff or lab engineers spend significant time on your project, such as making an instrument for your research or setting aside an entire day to train your lab members. You won’t be charged staff time for most shop use by students, such as if your student is making or testing a part and has a question about how to use a machine.


All fees are charged to UW budgets monthly.

Login to CORAL and use the tabs to navigate to My Profile > Invoices, or visit the CORAL invoicing site directly.

E-mail for billing questions.