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Current Students

Users must create a UW MSE CORAL account before reserving space. If you have a CORAL account with another department, you must still register for MSE CORAL in order to access MSE spaces.

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Fees are required for some instruments and users. All rates are per hour.

UV-Vis, Optical Microscope (Olympus), Horiba particle size: Fee required for non-MSE undergraduate use

SEM, XRF, TGA, DSC, FTIR, Profilometer: Fee required for non UW-student use

Instron, XRD D8, Hardness: Fee required for all users

Machine shop: Fee required for non-UW undergrad student use

Instrument Manufacturer Model STF UW Rate Non-UW Rate
Profilometer KLA-Tencor D-500 X $25 $125
Digital Microscope Olympus BX-50   $15 $115
X-Ray Fluorescence Bruker Tornado M4 X $50 $200
Scanning Electron Microscope JEOL JSM-6010 X $50 $200
Sputter Coater Quorum SC7620   $20 $200
UV-Vis Spectrometer ThermoElectron EVO 300   $25 $125
ThermoGravimeteric Analyzer TA Instruments Q20   $25 $125
Differential Scanning Calorimeter TA Instruments Q50   $25 $125
Fouier Transform Infared Spectroscopy Burker Vertex 70 X $25 $125
Universal Test Frame Instron 5500R   $25 $125
Vickers/Knoop Microindentor Wilson Tukon 1202   $25 $125
Light Scattering Particle Size Analyzer Horiba LA-950   $25 $125
X-Ray Diffractometer Bruker D8 Focus   $50 $150
WaterJet Cutter Omax 2652   $50 $150
Machine Shop - General Access       $10 N/A