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Current Students

Users must create a UW MSE CORAL account before reserving space. If you have a CORAL account with another department, you must still register for MSE CORAL in order to access MSE spaces.

Register for CORAL   Log in to CORAL

User FAQs

Visit CORAL to create an account for the MSE Department Labs and Shops. You need to create an account for Labs and Shops even if you already have a CORAL account for another facility, such as CEI or MAF.


  1. Visit CORAL to verify that you have passed all the required online safety training. Note: EH&S online training may take 24 hours to be approved.
  2. Contact Carter for training.
  3. Complete the training and driver's test.
  4. Sign the agreement on CORAL. Carter will complete the final step to qualify you.



  • Undergrad students should choose “UW Undergraduate,” unless they are working on a research project that is not associated with coursework. 491/492/499 students working on research should choose this option. 
  • Most UW researchers, including students, staff, and faculty, should choose UW Budget Number. Undergrads working on research not associated with a class should choose UW Budget number.
  • External Billing is for users outside the UW community. Users outside the UW are charged higher rates.
  • If you have more than one role (e.g., you are doing both coursework and paid research work in the shops), complete the registration process for one role, then go back and hit “Start Over” to register for your other role.


Typically, your faculty advisor is your PI; however in some cases, your PI may be another faculty member who is sponsoring your research.

If your PI isn't listed in the drop-down menu, choose [My PI is not listed]; you'll be given a link for your PI to create an account. Your registration will not be complete until your PI creates an account and agrees to pay your lab fees.


  • Ask your PI/advisor which budget number you should use for your lab/shop fees.
  • If you are working on multiple projects, you may have more than one budget number. If so, complete the registration process with one of your budget numbers. Once your registration has been fully approved, you can add additional budget numbers from CORAL on the “My Profile” tab.
  • You can choose which budget number to charge when you log in to instruments. Contact lab staff if you need assistance.


You can sign out remotely: Go to CORAL, use the tabs at the top to go to Lab > Status, and click the link next to your name.

If you forget to sign out for an extended period of time, e-mail regarding corrections to your invoices.

You will be automatically signed out of some equipment and locations at the end of each day.