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Bruker F8-Focus Powder XRD

Bruker F8-Focus Powder XRD


The Focus is a basic instrument for measuring the crystal structure of powder samples. While a 5–10 gram powder with particle size less than 45 um is the ideal sample, many users have had satisfactory results with thin film or solid samples.


The detector drive and the sample holder drive are independent which allows for up to four different kinds of measurements, including rocking curve. The 2-θ•range is from 1–135 degrees. The maximum operating power is 40 kV and 40 mA. The X-ray source is Cu K-alpha radiation (1.54 A).

The step-size, step-time, theta range, and operating power are all programmable parameters.


Open to all users with a UW-budget number. This instrument is not available for non-UW users expect on a case by case basis.    


Roberts Hall


Two-three training sessions are required.

  1. Demonstration of the instrument; discussion of sample preparation, safety and use policies
  2. Driver's test

Operating procedures and policies

See standard operating procedure.