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Horiba Particle Size Analyzer (LSPSA)

Horiba Particle Size Analyzer (LSPSA)


LSPSA is a method to measure the particle size of various bulk materials. Materials are placed in an analysis fluid and circulated through a special "cell," and light of a specific wavelength is scattered and measured with the detector. The software applies statistical analysis based on the materials index of refraction and the scattering angles.


  • Principle of operation: Mie Scattering Theory
  • Measurement range: 0.01-3000 micrometers
  • Sample requirement: 10mg-5 g
  • Analysis fluids: Di-water, Isopropanol: others will be considered


The primary users are undergraduate MSE students.  When available, other users with a budget number may have access. This instrument is not available for non-UW users expect on a case by case basis.


Mueller Hall

Operating procedures and policies

See the standard operating procedure. NOTE: You must know the index of refraction for your material, your material should not be less than 100 nm, and no magnetic materials are allowed.