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UV-Vis Spectroscopy

UV-Vis Spectroscopy


UV-Vis probes materials using electromagnetic wavelengths in the ultraviolet and visible range.  The Evolution 300 measures solid or liquid materials and the range is 200 nm - 1000 nm. The sample chamber measures under normal atmospheric conditions.


  • Xenon source - Silicon diode detector
  • Range, scan speed, bandwidth are selectable 
  • Measures transmission, absorbance and reflection
  • Reflection accessory
  • Liquids accessory


The primary users are undergraduate MSE students. When available, other users with a budget number may have access. This instrument is not available for non-UW users expect on a case by case basis.


Mueller Hall Room 167


Training is in two sessions to be completed within one week of each other.

  1. Demonstration of the instrument; discussion of sample preparation and use policies
  2. Driver's test

A user unable to demonstrate competence in the test session may retake it in a third session.

Operating procedures and policies

See standard operating procedure