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Nanoscience & Molecular Engineering Option

The Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering Option (NME) Option Program offers a discipline-tailored option in nanoscience and molecular engineering to a variety of majors in departments of the College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences. It introduces students to nanoscale principles in molecular engineering, provides hands-on experience and stresses the interdisciplinary nature of this field.

NME admission

If you are admitted by direct admission or early admission, you can declare the major after you complete NME 220; please complete a Change of Major form with the academic adviser. Students applying for upper admission should declare their desire to complete the option at time of application.

Program requirements

Students completing the NME option follow the same requirements as students in the regular MSE program. Instead of taking Materials Science & Engineering Technical Electives, students complete the following Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering coursework (19 credits):

Students who complete the MSE NME requirements, will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering (Nanoscience & Molecular Engineering Option).

NME core (4 credits)

Course # Course Name Credits
NME 220* Introduction to Molecular and Nanoscale Principles 4

*NME 220 is taken in the spring of the sophomore year.

NME electives (15 credits required)

PLEASE NOTE: Quarter offerings listed are from the UW Catalog and are subject to change (might not be offered, might be offered in a different quarter)

Course # Course Name Credits
BIOEN 423 Introduction to Synthetic Biology (offered A) (Prereq MATH 207 or MATH 307 and MATH 208 or MATH 308) 3
BIOEN/CHEM E 490 Engineering Materials for Biomedical Applications (offered A) 3
BIOEN/CHEM E 491 Controlled-Release Systems (offered W) 3
BIOEN 492/CHEM E 458 Surface Analysis (offered Sp) 3
CHEM E 523 Seminar in Chemical Engineering 1
EE 485 Introduction to Phototonics (offering vary per year) 4
ENGR 321 Internship Class (maximum of 4 credits allowed towards degree) 1-2
ME 410 Nanodevices: Design and Manufacture (Offered A) (open to non ME majors during Period 2 registration) 3
MOLENG 520/CHEM 597 Seminar in Molecular Engineering 1
MOLENG 535 Seminar in Clean Energy (offered AWSp) 1-10
MSE 452 Functional Properties of Materials II (offered W) 3
MSE 462 Mechanical Behavior of Materials II (offered Sp) 3
MSE 471 Introduction to Polymer Science and Engineering (offered A) 3
MSE 473 Noncrystalline State (offered Sp) [not offered recently] 3
MSE 474 Nanocomposite Materials 3
MSE 475 Intro to Composite Materials (offered A) 3
MSE 476 Introduction to Optoelectronic Materials (Offered A) 3
MSE 481 Science and Technology of Nanostructures (offered W) [Not offered recently] 3
MSE 482 Biomaterials and Nanomaterials in Tissue Engineering 3
MSE 483 Nanomedicine 3
MSE 484/CHEM 484 Electronic and Optoelectronic Polymers (offered A and Sp) (Prereq. CHEM 455) 3
MSE 486/ EE 486 Fundamentals of Integrated Circuit Technology (offered various quarters) 3
MSE 498- selected ones MSE Special Topics (Only as announced by Advisor) 3-4
NME 498 Selected NME Special Topics 3-4
MSE 502 Sol-Gel Processing (Offered A, Odd years) 3
MSE 520 Seminar in Materials Science & Engineering 1
MSE 560 Organic Electronic and Photonic Materials/Polymers (offered W) 3