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Current Students


We have some key information about your diploma, degree, and options for staying in touch.

What degree do I earn?

  • All undergraduates in MSE earn a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering (B.S.M.S.E). This is the degree that will be on your diploma.
  • Students who graduated with the option in Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering will have the option appear on your transcript as part of your degree; degree options do not appear on UW diplomas. You will have earned a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering: Option in Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering.

Eligibility for UW Commencement and MSE Graduation

  • UW Commencement happens every June on the Saturday afternoon following Spring quarter finals week. All details about UW Commencement are available on UW Commencement. The university has strict rules about who is eligible to walk at Commencement: for example, in June 2016, students eligible to walk in the ceremony were only those who graduated summer 2015, fall 2015, winter 2016, or who had filed to graduate in spring 2016 or summer 2016. Please review UW Graduation Eligibility.
  • MSE Graduation is always in the morning on the same day as UW Commencement. MSE is a little more flexible about who is eligible to walk in our ceremony. In June 2016, for example, if you were filed to graduate for autumn 2016, you were eligible to participate in MSE's ceremony but not the UW's.
  • If you graduate in fall or winter quarter AND you want to be involved in MSE's ceremony in June, please contact your academic adviser in the spring for more information. To be involved in Commencement, you should register at UW Commencement.

When do I receive my diploma?

  • Your diploma will be mailed in 3-4 months to your last address on file with the UW.  If it has been that long and you still have not received your diploma, contact the Office of Graduation and Academic Records at or call 206-543-1803. To change or check your address with the UW, go to UW Address Changes
  • If you need an official diploma earlier, consider ordering a UW Certified Electronic Diploma
  • Your degree earned will also be posted on your transcript within about 2-4 weeks, so you can order your official UW transcript or print an unofficial UW transcript to receive proof of your degree.

Am I still eligible for Career Center Services after graduation?

Are there any MSE lists or Social Media I should subscribe to?