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Concentration Areas

The MSE Bachelor of Science degree has elective coursework spanning a broad range of materials science and engineering specializations. By following the course suggestions in a Concentration Area, you can be confident that you have chosen the optimal set of courses to support your interests in that area, further preparing you to pursue it after graduation.

Planning your degree electives for a Concentration Area

In any concentration area, you will build on the engineering design content and materials science and engineering knowledge from the MSE Core Curriculum to develop an understanding of materials and processes applicable to a wide variety of industrial-relevant applications and curiosity-driven research. The Concentration Area may also provide knowledge to benefit your undergraduate research activities. The knowledge you gain can also serve as a foundation for graduate education and a career in research and development.

The following Concentration Areas have been recommended by MSE faculty to help guide your learning experience by accommodating your interests. You are not required to follow a Concentration Area, which means that you can follow as much of the coursework recommendations as you see fit. There is no requirement to completing the Concentration Area fully; you can even switch Concentration Areas at any time. 

Although the Concentration Areas are informal, they represent a specialization to which you may refer to on your resume, LinkedIn profile or in conversation. Importantly, the suggested courses do count towards your MSE degree requirements within different categories of courses listed in the graduation requirements for the B.S. degree.

MSE has a Degree Option in Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering (NME). The degree option is an area or a field of concentration, but it is different from the MSE Concentration Areas. The Degree Option does not appear on your diploma, but it does appear after your degree is awarded on your transcript as a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering: Option in Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering

The NME Option must be declared on a Major Change form in collaboration with your Academic Advisor. If you decide not to complete the requirements for the NME Option, you must change your major back to the standard MSE degree.


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